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whoiscrs ? 

  1. Hi, I’m Crystal.
  2. I am an Art Director and Graphic Designer who aims to add a little something extra. My goal is to tell the stories that build long-lasting relationships between brands and the people who see them - and I offer the people a little joy while doing it. Life is hard enough... why not add a little sparkle where we can and make someone smile?
  3. watch my video “WHOISCRS” to get to know me better ;) 


4. Tihli Skin Care

2016 - 2019
Tihli Botanical Skin Care           

        Where to start! 
I met this client in college, where a team of students and I developed her initial brand design and strategy ( including the name ) of this product line. Soon after I graduated, Tihli reached out to me to handle package design, new branding, content creation, and other digital + web assets. I also worked closely with a strategist to develop a social campaign and help position the brand as the initial release was developing. 

          Life goes on, and this brand never came to life. This brand was fun, flirty and vibrant and is a project I keep close to my heart. 

Art Direction Brand Design
Graphic Design Content
Print Production Package Design