Crystal Stratford

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  2. Teavana
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whoiscrs ? 

  1. Hi, I’m Crystal.
  2. I am an Art Director and Graphic Designer who aims to add a little something extra. My goal is to tell the stories that build long-lasting relationships between brands and the people who see them - and I offer the people a little joy while doing it. Life is hard enough... why not add a little sparkle where we can and make someone smile?
  3. watch my video “WHOISCRS” to get to know me better ;) 


2. Teavana

             When Teavana was absorbed by Starbucks, customers were upset. They missed the loose-leaf tea that Teavana was known for, and missed the community that it cultivated. Starbucks wanted us to help them re-connect with their audience through the digital space. In social, it was our initiative to give the people they joy they were missing from the brick and morter stores while selling the new Teavana Sachets that were available in grocery stores.

           Creating a unqiue personality for each flavor, we developed a campaign, that we hoped, would be able to reach all different kinds of folks and connect them in a new, online community.

            This social media campaign was just one piece of a full fledges digital campaign and makeover, with bumper ads, website re-design and longer commercials. 

Art Direction
On-set Direction