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  2. Teavana
  3. Gilded Fox
  4. Tihli Skin
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  6. Hairbyhellyeah
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whoiscrs ? 

  1. Hi, I’m Crystal.
  2. I am an Art Director and Graphic Designer who aims to add a little something extra. My goal is to tell the stories that build long-lasting relationships between brands and the people who see them - and I offer the people a little joy while doing it. Life is hard enough... why not add a little sparkle where we can and make someone smile?
  3. watch my video “WHOISCRS” to get to know me better ;) 


1. Mattel + Airbnb

Airbnb + Mattel 

   Grow Marketing in San Francisco reached out to me because they needed a graphics person ASAP to make Barbie’s Malibu Dream House come to life. I was in charge of every, single, piece of graphics in this activation, from conception to production. This includes large scale graphics, like the tennis court and Barbie’s “vision board” pictured above - all the way down to the little guys like the plaques in Barbie’s closet, keychains for the guests, and my favorite, Barbie’s custom “U.S. COMMANDER” patches used for her spacesuit.

This was the most successful activation that Airbnb has ( still ) ever done; with over 3,400 PR hits globally, 3 TV broadcasts - ET, Univision, TODAY Show + 700 million (could be more!) impressions

Graphic Design   
Print Production       
Design Concepts


2. Teavana

        When Teavana was absorbed by Starbucks, customers were upset. They missed the loose-leaf tea that Teavana was known for, and missed the community that it cultivated. Starbucks wanted us to help them re-connect with their audience through the digital space. In social, it was our initiative to give people the joy they were missing from the brick and mortar experiences while selling the new Teavana Sachets, which were only available in grocery stores.

        Creating a unique personality for each flavor, we developed a campaign, would be able to reach all different kinds of folks and connect them in a new, online community.

        This social media campaign was just one piece of a full fledged digital campaign and makeover, with bumper ads, website re-design and longer commercials.

Art Direction
On-set Direction

3. Gilded Fox Salon

AFTER ︎︎︎ BEFORE ︎︎︎



Gilded Fox Salon

     Gilded Fox is a Salon in NW Portland that needed a branding re-fresh to set them apart, but maintain a professional trust. I worked directly with the owner to learn more about her history, interests, goals, passions and needs to deliver something close to her.

      I re-worked existing graphics to design every piece of branding you see here, both irl and online, resulting in a head-to-toe re-fresh. This concept leaned heavily on heritage storytelling by combining the real-life handwriting of the clients grandmother (who the salon was named after) and my own work - with hints of Old-Italian flair.

Website was developed by my dear friend, Bingbing Zhang ︎ 

Art Direction

Web Design       
Graphic Design

Brand Design
Print Production

Project Management


4. Tihli Skin Care

2016 - 2019
Tihli Botanical Skin Care           

        Where to start! 
I met this client in college, where a team of students and I developed her initial brand design and strategy ( including the name ) of this product line. Soon after I graduated, Tihli reached out to me to handle package design, new branding, content creation, and other digital + web assets. I also worked closely with a strategist to develop a social campaign and help position the brand as the initial release was developing. 

          Life goes on, and this brand never came to life. This brand was fun, flirty and vibrant and is a project I keep close to my heart. 

Art Direction Brand Design
Graphic Design Content
Print Production Package Design



2017 - 2020

   Mahaila came to me by recommendation when she first began her career as an independent hair stylist under the name “hairbyhellyeah”. With an absolutely blank slate - this project started by designing flexible content that could be used for instagram - and beyond. What started as a small job turned into creating all of the things her clients see today, and creating a branding system that would create a strong relationship between Mahaila and her clients.

    With the ultimate goal of owning her own studio in mind, I continue to be commissioned to thoughtfully design and produce all of the materials that Mahaila uses today and slowly develop branding systems that she can take with her as she grows. It was very important to think about the longevity of these materials, and create pieces that could be versatile and used for a long period of time.

    For example, as soon as her business cards were made, people quickly adapted the illustration of her face as Icon, photos of the cards quickly made their way across Instagram. Since then we have continued to use the face as a sort of Logo.

    Business cards (pictured above), “Logo”/Icon, Social Media Content, Digital and Print materials to market her educational classes, Thank-You cards, Stickers, Web Design, Live-Activations and a small Magazine are just some of things I have made happen for hairbyhellyeah.

Digital/Print Poster top left
Webiste Content second frombottom left.        
Instagram Content top right
Come Correct Instagram Promotion second from bottom right
Thank You Cards bottom left and right

2017 - 2020
HAIRBYHELLYEAH - “Come Correct” -  a magazine

             Mahaila wanted to give her clients something special. So she got together with a couple of local women to do a photoshop showing off all of their skills.

    I was hired as the designer and print producer to take their original concept and make it into something tangible that could be distributed among her clients. The result was a small but high-quality, 15-page magazine called “Come Correct” with a plethora of matching instagram versions to promote the magazine which would be sold through MJ.

    This concept was all about honoring who you are, and who you have been. It was shot at Jefferson highschool where Mahaila attended and was matched with an equally nostalgic 2000s theme.

Art Direction  
Web Design
Brand Design Digital Content
Graphic Desgin