Crystal Stratford

  1. Mattel + Airbnb
  2. Teavana
  3. Gilded Fox
  4. Tihli Skin
  5. Adidas
  6. Hairbyhellyeah
  7. Cody Stock
  8. Rosegold Co.
  9. Mango
  10. The People’s Yoga
  11. Portland State University

  1. 05032017
  2. Whoiscrs
  3. Hinder
  4. Pulp Romance
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  6. Deeper
  7. Suitecase Laundry
  8. Soft Romance 25
  9. Glossier
  10. Highvibes Wedding
  11. Brows by Bri

whoiscrs ? 

  1. Hi, I’m Crystal.
  2. I am an Art Director and Graphic Designer who aims to add a little something extra. My goal is to tell the stories that build long-lasting relationships between brands and the people who see them - and I offer the people a little joy while doing it. Life is hard enough... why not add a little sparkle where we can and make someone smile?
  3. watch my video “WHOISCRS” to get to know me better ;) 


3. Hinder


             One day, I was mindless swiping through plethora of un-deriable men, dodging the dick-pics and grotesque pick-up lines as I went along, when I thought to myself, “wow this really blows. Also who says this? I wonder what this person’s sign is...” so I asked them and WOW were they happy to respond. To give back to all the women like me, I started an instagram game were I would ask players to guess the correct sign and if they were correct, I would enter there name into a raffle. Winnder received gifts from local potland retailers, also owned or founded by womxn. It was a fun time

art direction